2022 General Election: ‘Devil on his mind’

PA leader Sitivenu Rabuka with candidate Charan Jeath Singh during the rally in Labasa. Picture SERAFINA SILAITOGA

FijiFirst party leader Voreqe Bainimarama’s recent comments of taking the lead to hell and pastors following him mean he has the devil on his mind, says The People’s Alliance Party leader Sitiveni Rabuka.

He told a crowd of about 1000 people who gathered at the Gurbachan Singh Mall car park in Labasa that Mr Bainimarama must have the devil on his mind.

“You can rightly question the state of Voreqe’s mind by what he says,” Mr Rabuka said.

“He has spoken of images of slithering snakes, blood, murder and slaughter and he appears to think his mysterious party, Fiji- First, should govern Fiji forever.

“That’s not how democracies work. Leaders have to subject themselves to elections. Only dictators rule forever.”

On Mr Bainimarama’s comments on snakes, Mr Rabuka said people should question the state of his mind by what he says.

“Since 2006, we have been in the deadly grip of the two dictators, Mr Bainimarama and Mr Sayed- Khaiyum, who are the problems in our roads creating a danger for pedestrians and drivers,” he said.

“They are the darkness of daily power cuts that plague the country, they are the taps without water, they are the run down and dilapidated hospitals and health centres.

“They are the broken sugar industry that is technically bankrupt.

“They are the reason for the worries, the neglect and persecution of elderly people.”

Mr Rabuka said the two were the causes of poverty which trapped and diminished many Fijians, oppressors of unions that represented the interests of ordinary workers.

“They are the fear that stalks the land and is never far away. It is the fear dictators used to maintain control.

“And they are so much more on the dark side.”

• Questions have been sent to FijiFirst party general secretary Aiyaz SayedKhaiyum.

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